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“It is not the first time Ncube misconstrues this matter and attempts to drag the university’s name into her dispute with UCECE regarding her termination of employment.

“UCECE operates autonomously and this includes entering into and terminating employment relationships.

The world is rotten and needs stronghearted trailblazer like Gugu.

Sexual harassment has no place in our society Ms8d0e Uvu— Emmanuel Manyati (@Manyati Emmanuel) March 13, 2019“Nobody in the world, nobody in history, has ever gotten their freedom by appealing to the moral sense of the people who were oppressing them.” Assata Shakur Gugu Ncube you are my hero, you came alone but stood as a million— Waves (@Luyanda_Shandu) March 13, 2019They couldn’t arrest Mampitsha before Babes pressed charges but today a woman protesting for being sexual harassed they come in numbers armed even ...

JOHANNESBURG - Messages of support and empathy have been flooding social media after videos of a woman staging a naked protest at the Union Buildings were posted on social media on Wednesday.

Gugu Ncube stood outside the Union Buildings, wearing only a panty and another panty over her chest with a cloth placard.

A scantily dressed Ncube was arrested by Sunnyside police outside the Union Buildings for public indecency on Wednesday.

She was protesting her alleged mistreatment at the hands of Unisa after she reported her former boss for sexual harassment.

free Gugu Ncube— IG: pheladikgodu (@_Pheladi_) March 13, 2019So @SAPolice Service you'd rather arrest Gugu Ncube for public indecency rather than listening to her grievance ⁉️South Africa will never be a better place of we stop terrorise and victimize those who need us most.

The police are there to serve & protect, not make matters worse— Dr Sanele B. #The Total Shutdown #Release Gugu— #The Total Shutdown (@Women Protest SA) March 13, 2019Gugu Ncube...

Gugu Ncube, the woman who was arrested for staging a nude protest outside the Union buildings in Pretoria, has been traumatised by the way police handled her.


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