Normal dating progression

My normal progression (met over 100 men in person) was to exchange one or two emails for the purpose of getting a phone number.

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Hey, so I'm using EH at the moment, and what I am hoping for is a general timeline and recommendations of how to do those things.

How long to spend chatting in the site, when and how best to switch to a phone number, when to actually meet the person.

I'd venture to guess it's important for most people, Christian or otherwise, to understand the value systems of potential partners.

Even I, a godless heathen inherently lacking any semblance of a value system, care a little bit about that kind of thing.

Its the safety aspect of things because it could be Ted Bundy or Peter Sutcliffe at the other end.

I think talking for 20 to 30 minutes by phone plus meeting in a public place takes care of the safety issues especially if youre good at screening out and noticing red flags.

They say ‘true love conquers all,’ but do you agree?

They’re the kind of person who simply cannot be single for longer than a few weeks without losing their mind.

I've gone on dates very rarely with women that are more than 30 minutes away. I ask for their number in case I have to cancel, or they have to cancel.

Timeliness and process can very widely depending on many factors, including but not limited to; age, upbringing, experience, culture and past experience. It should state clearly in your profile that you're Christian, and what your expectations are.

But to echo Jibralta, meeting as soon as possible is the best approach, and, honestly, if they're too far away and/or the season isn't permitting, I'd simply hold off on any real attempt to "getting to know them" until the conditions better permit you two to meet up.


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