Nonbelievers dating

I think it is true that our young people date too young, and that many dating situations are unwise in that they create unnecessary temptations and, even if nothing wrong takes place, a couple’s actions may give the appearance of evil.

Many of the dating and personal relationship safeguards of years gone by seem to have been cast aside.

Trust Him and that He has the best reserved for you. We need to seek God first and ask what HIS will is because it is always perfect and good for us.

Assuming that dating is appropriate under certain conditions, the next question is, “Does the Bible forbid dating an unbeliever?

” I think we can all agree that the Bible forbids the Christian from marrying an unbeliever.

I recommend a courtship leading to marriage at the appropriate age when you are ready to be married. Sometimes people will say things to get what they want and they might tell you yes, they’ll go to your youth group or Bible study—and then things go back to normal. You don’t want to get heartbroken and don’t want to get your hopes up. God is a God of order, and it is not His perfect plan for a young woman to have to try to make her guy be on the same spiritual wavelength. When the relationship blossoms, it will be fruitful. His Word is to protect us, not to keep us from having fun or experiencing life.

Click here to read a recent PI article on “Am I Too Young to Get Married? God says to guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life, and it sounds like you have already heeded the warnings if you are already questioning the relationship. God is your Father and has his daughter’s best interests at heart. Jesus is the Prince of Peace, and when we make decisions, they are not always easy.

At your age, you are probably not ready to date, let alone get married, and a young man your age is probably only immature and young.

Also, there’s a chance he may not be ready for a deep relationship with the Lord.

Maybe he can be flexible initially, but things can change over time.

This is not to say he won’t change his ways and maybe possibly can believe, but it’s harder on the relationship, especially if you desire to go deeper in the Lord.

Typically, if you are with an unbeliever, he may have a different lifestyle from you; for example, he may want to party whereas you may want to go to a youth event or outreach.

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