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Outside of the fact that Niko decides to go through with more killing after coming to America, I really liked that character. After years of buy GTA games based on the hype I have come to realize I'm not a fan of Rockstar's games.

You weren't suppose to, it was never a requirement to do so (heck, I didn't even do it in the first place) but the option was always there. Kind of hard to paint a solid picture of the character when the story and gameplay don't always mix... when i beat the game, i just hated it because i wanted the game to last longer.

i got past that and i realized it had a good message.

To rectify this, make Niko call someone or get out and back in the car.

Later, Ashley phones Johnny and tells him she's admitting herself to rehab, with Johnny wishing her the best.

The gameplay also doesn't complement the character well because you can make him out to be a sociopath, but games... The moment you try to make the character anything more sympathetic than a narcissistic, homicidal sociopath, a disconnect between the story and the in-game actions develops. It's the idea that "wherever you go, there you are." Just moving to a different place will not change you.

You are just running away from your problems until you decided to truly confront them by confronting yourself. You had this guy just trying to make it in the world who would only fight other mobsters or bad people in general, yet you could just go on a huge killing spree slaughtering as many cops and civilians as you want. But, yeah, it's a problem GTA has over several games.

You are just running away from your problems until you decided to truly confront them by confronting yourself. I *love* GTAIV, and Niko's a likable l'il psycho, but I agree that having him get all remorseful right before killing five dozen dudes for a bit of pocket MAHNEY is hard to swallow.

Not in the comedic way, either, just in the "something's broken here" way.

Instead, he's a schizophrenic character who goes from nearly crying about the things hes seen and done in one cut scene and then volunteering to shoot up a strip club in the next for a guy he barely knows. He thinks he can change, but quickly goes back to his old ways.


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