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There is a rich and entertaining world of live music ahead of us.This is our fifth annual Guide and it offers annotated listings of all shapes and sizes of competitions.

The newest Guide to Festivals covers nearly 100 festivals with everything from opera in the Swiss Alps and chamber music in a California vineyard to prepared piano at a Massachusetts modern art museum.

at Santa Fe Opera; pianist Yuja Wang (Musical America’s 2017 Artist of the Year) performing in Croatia at the Dubrovnik Summer Festival; and Fabio Luisi conducting Beethoven’s Sixth Symphony in Tuscany, at the Chigiana International Festival.

They range from piano to voice to woodwind to all of the above; from annual to biannual to quadrennial; some include master classes; some are open to the public and include live rounds, others are by recorded submission only.

But be they evolving or staying the same, competitions of any stripe remain an exciting way to discover, develop, and honor our rising artists.

S., the other in Europe; one is rural, the other urban; one’s in a valley, the other by the sea; one focuses on contemporary fare, the other on traditional; one houses its artists in homes, the other in hotels; Ojai’s venues are primarily outdoor and strictly 20th century, Ravenna’s are mostly indoor and date as far back as the sixth century. This Guide is our biggest to date and we've added more information about the competitions―everything from their Twitter handles to the names of the jury members, entry fees, cash prizes (as well as management, performances, and recordings), deadlines, frequency, disciplines, eligibility, and the dates of the semi-finals and finals.

So, whatever the discipline, you (or your students) are bound to find the right competition at the right time and the right place.

Competitions may be controversial, grueling and, in the end, heart-breaking, but there’s no denying that winning one can launch a major career.

Culled from the hundreds of competitions in our database, we’ve come up with a select list; in it you'll find information on frequency, deadlines, disciplines, semifinal and finals dates, eligibility, awards options (such as performances, management, and recordings), and much more.

The efforts by music schools and conservatories to keep pace with an ever-evolving job market by engaging in the community is explored in a feature article, Conservatories as Good Citizens: Four Success Stories.

Author Brian Wise, producers of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra’s national weekly radio broadcasts, focuses on how music schools are infiltrating their surrounding community to help equip students with the needed tools for success.

The 2017 Guide is our fourth annual Festivals guide and the largest to date.


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