Myths and facts about dating violence costa rica women online dating

Domestic violence happens equally in heterosexual and homosexual relationships. FACT: Battering is the single largest cause of injury to women in the United States – over mugging, automobile accidents and rape, combined. In 2009, Georgia was rated the 10th highest in the nation for the rate at which men kill women.

Forcing someone to engage in non-consensual sexual activity is sexual assault, regardless of the way that person dresses or acts.

MYTH: Domestic violence happens only in low-income families.

Subjecting children to an environment full of violent actions and hateful words is not being a “good dad.” MYTH: Boys who witness violence will grow up to be abusers.

FACT: Studies have found that 30% of male child witnesses choose to become abusers as adults.

FACT: Domestic violence is a problem regardless of race, socioeconomic class, and geographic location.

In rural areas, physical isolation makes it easier for the abuser to hide the crime and more difficult for the victim to access resources.Some abusers look for women with low self-esteem, as they believe she will be more likely to blame herself and less likely to report his behavior. No one would want to have their partner be abusive.Other abusers will seek women with high self-esteem, as they may represent a greater challenge to control over time. Some women go from abuser to abuser - it must be something about them. Women who find that their second or third partner are abusers will often be blamed by others for the violence - ” it must be something about her” or she will blame herself - “I always seem to pick abusers.” In reality, the abuser uses the tactic of charm early in the relationship to find out that she was previously abused.FACT: Rape and sexual assault are crimes of violence and control that stem from a person’s determination to exercise power over another.Neither provocative dress nor promiscuous behavior are invitations for unwanted sexual activity.FACT: Men who abuse their partners are more likely to abuse the children in the home.

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