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Overall Recommendation: I tell all my clients the same thing.4 out of 5 people I speak to seem to hate this site with a passion.In the end, more men became for Kaitlyn and Britt was presented scientific on the first detailed.

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Since I began helping women with online dating, I’ve been asked a whole lot of questions over the years. If you are looking to play the numbers game by going on as many quality dates as possible until you find that face to face chemistry, this site will bring you the highest possibility of success. The Pro’s: Ok Cupid is free, has a question and answer section that provides a much better indication of someones personality than other sites, has a lot less “noise” than Match. The Pros: A more extensive matchmaking algorithm, a pre-packaged messaging format, and a feature that only allows you to contact members that EHarmony considers you to be a match with.

Com in regards to how you can contact someone, and has an extremely user friendly interface. The Cons: A limited ability to message who you’d like to message, a very time consuming sign up process, and the platform does not feel nearly as user friendly as Match and Ok Cupid.

The Con’s: At the time of this publication, if you are over 40 you will not find nearly as many quality matches as Match. In addition, free sites are often filled with players or members who don’t take the process as seriously as paying sites. In addition, common feedback from clients of mine has always been that there aren’t all that many attractive people in comparison to other sites.

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Yet, for every 4 people I meet that hate Eharmony, I seem to meet 1 person who found the love of their life.


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  2. I can only say that meeting Alix has turned my life around and we are now planning our future together.

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