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Dating may not be the most fun activity you can think of, but take heart knowing this is at least the most fun time to do it in Chicago.Central Illinois Central Illinois has plenty to offer couples looking for dating ideas. Bears fans brave the elements to cheer on their football team in the bitter cold.

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Graswald replied that they were leaving and said they waved in the direction of her house.

The couple paddled toward the other side of the island, intending to make a stop there, but quickly called it off.

Both had been married twice before and had no children. The couple had planned on staging a sexy photo shoot.

After three weeks of dating, Graswald, a Latvian émigré who worked as a bartender, moved into Viafore’s apartment. Graswald had brought fishnets and heels but had decided it was too cold.

The sun was setting, the wind was picking up, and the waves were getting bigger.

Plus, the tide was heading out, which meant the return trip would be more strenuous.

Their destination was Bannerman Island, home to the red-brick carapace of Bannerman Castle.

A former military-surplus arsenal built at the beginning of the twentieth century, the Scottish-style castle is now mostly destroyed, the result of a fire in 1969.

Whether you're in Chicago, the suburbs or in more rural areas of the Land of Lincoln, you will never lack for exciting date options.

The entire city of Chicago has a ton of excellent theater.

She and her fiancé, Vincent Viafore, had been out drinking in Poughkeepsie, New York, near where they had lived together for more than a year.


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