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Can they come close to matching the sophistication of today’s kid shows? With rich science fiction world building mixed together with soap opera romance, to this day continues to offer something new every time I watch it.

It’s not without its problems (the Max and Miriya "courtship", am I right?

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Wolfe is Scott’s hero and he’s ready to drop his team in a heartbeat if it means getting to work with someone he holds in such high regard. No big shocker, but hero worship will always bite you in the ass. His team rightly gives him shit for taking it out on them.

It’s a testament to just how memorable Wolfe is, with wanting peace at all costs to the point of betraying humanity, that he’s popped in so many spin off , even if they more or less bounce back every time. Scott may be the leader, but he’s not absolved of his shitty actions.

Sure, the singing doesn’t even come close to matching the lip flaps but who cares?

Sometimes you just need a good action romp and "Curtain Call" delivers.

In fairness, I didn’t vote for it, because I still think Do You Remember Love? (And yes, some of the votes were definitely split, unfairly.

The YF-19 would’ve gotten WAY more votes had it not been divided between the Plus OVA and movie Anyway, we have the results now, despite my complaints (although I have NO complaints about the lowest ranked production), and the complaints of other fortysomethings trying to convince themselves that nobody ever liked Delta (and they’re apparently REALLY invested in it failing, despite the fact that the failure of Delta means no more Macross), so here they are: (If you want to see the breakdowns of gender and age, which is different than you might think, please check with Gwyn.

Here, Scott thinks the team is heading towards six thousand reinforcements. With death fresh on his mind, can you blame Scott for wanting to graft the name of his dead lover onto the alien girl they’ve just found?

I mean yeah, it’s creepy, but Scott needs something to anchor him.

It’s rare when a TV series can create a compelling and tragic character in less than half an hour but god damn, "Eulogy" makes it look like nothing.

Jonathan Wolfe, a veteran of Rick Hunter’s mission, is discovered to still be alive on Earth and Scott is overjoyed.

I mean come on, have you tried watching any of those ‘classic’ 80’s shows recently?

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