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professor, Ph D The Nordic Laboratory for Luminescence Dating, physically located at Risø National Laboratory, is a joint Nordic research, development and analysis facility.

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The Laboratory has a close cooperation with the Radiation Research Department at Risø, and together the two groups make the Nordic Center for Luminescence Research.

The centre, among other things, provides a state-of-the-art luminescence dating service to geologists and archaeologists.

From there, they can recombine with holes at the luminescence centers (L), resulting in the emission of a photon of light – the luminescence signal that is observed in the laboratory.

(Modified from Aitken, 1990; Duller, 2008) Through controlled experiments the emission of luminescence can be controlled and measured and then used to estimate the equivalent dose (De).

Members of the laboratory have pioneered many major advances in the field in the last two decades, and they continue to undertake a mixture of:- (1) fundamental research to understand the physics of the luminescence process in minerals, (2) the design of equipment and procedures to measure these signals (3) development of software to analyse and process data (4) the application of the technique to Quaternary issues Training An easily accessible summary of how luminescence dating works, and some examples of how the method can be applied was written by Prof Geoff Duller for English Heritage (Luminescence Dating - Guidelines on using luminescence dating in archaeology (PDF)) and is freely available for downloading.

ALRL is running a specialist course entitled "Luminescence Dating: Theory, Methods and Application" that will next run in November 2019.

Luminescence Dating Laboratory Department of Geography University of Georgia GGY Building, Room 3AS Athens, GA, 30602-2502 Phone : 706-542-2322/2354 FAX : 706-542-2388 Director: George A.

Luminescence dating typically refers to a suite of radiometric geologic dating techniques whereby the time elapsed since the last exposure of some silicate minerals to light or heat can be measured.

This 'bleaching' process empties the electrons stored in the traps and resets or 'zeroes' the signal.


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