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Later, she was found by Novice Elreth in Deathknell.To show her what she really is and convince her to join the Forsaken, Novice Elreth gave the adventurer a mirror.I did a Ph D in Sciences, focusing on management science, I am director of economic-administrative careers in college and do applied research scientific and advised students on business projects.

Later, she encountered an entire squadron of the Scarlet Crusade and killed them all.

The adventurer discovered this and accompanied her as she confronted her father, the high priest.

Her quest for retribution will take her to dark places where adventurers may not wish to encounter her again.

From the moment of her birth, she was raised as a weapon against the plague as a member of the Scarlet Crusade.

The player, while leveling in Tirisfal Glades, will often either encounter or hear about Lilian up until the player helps her kill High Priest Benedictus Voss, her father.

While the Forsaken would love to have her fighting for them, Lillian has not yet fully accepted her fate.

She studied stealth, sorcery, martial arts, and anything else that would make herself stronger. After she died, Lilian was raised as an undead by the Forsaken's Val'kyr.

When Horde players approach her to recruit her into the Forsaken's ranks, she runs away in denial of her undeath, claiming that her father will protect her.

After graduating, Lilian taught at Ruyton Girls' School. She was inaugural secretary of the Victorian Women's Medical Association in 1895, and later its president. Alexander died on 18 October 1934 at South Yarra and was buried in the new Melbourne general cemetery at Fawkner.


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