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It only has a few more chapters after this, I believe, but I have definitive end that I'm going for, at least, which is more than I can say I had for Werefox. 'He was still in his own world when another person sat next to him on the bench, "Are you okay? " he looked over to see that Kurama was hunched over in the same way that he was so they were about the same level, "I'm fine.""Are you sure?

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Kurama dating quiz

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Kurama had been the one to approach him the other day for a kiss, though. " he looked out the corner of his eye, he still wasn't sure what to really make of Yusuke.

Kurama raised a brow at the awkward wave and even more awkward smile Hiei gave him, he was wondering if Hiei was sick or coming down with the flu, "Are you alright? " he looked about nervously, but decided not to take action as people were starting to arrive for school."Don't lie to me," Kurama scolded softly."I just don't know what to do..." he admitted, embarrassed."It's okay," Kurama chuckled softly, it was nice to see this side of Hiei. He wasn't even sure how Hiei felt about him other than calling him 'Mr. He still seemed a bit full of himself and childish, but he seemed to be okay with Hiei and him being together, so at least he didn't really judge people."What do you think of Hiei?

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Keeping his eyes closed, Kurama sat up to take a deep breath.

Still feeling warm, Kurama licked his lips as he laid back down, pretending that Hiei was the one pushing him to the bed, and started opening the front of his shirt, picturing Hiei pushing aside his jacket, and pressing his rough hands to his sensitive flesh.

Laying on the bed with his eyes closed, he instantly pictured Hiei leaning over him, and it made his heart jump.


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  5. Like you, I find OT, Rowell and CV a bit to public. What I didnt get about the contacts threa, was that there were hardly any contacts given in there. In the Rowell thread, my FR started with the idea I was heading down to Rowell but instead ended up with a craigslist find. Makes me a bit scared, as she definitely was clingy with me. Bro Rump - another cuties I had on my last trip to BKK was Lek from Guess Bar.

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