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Most Memorable Moment: Not liking the immunity idol Days 4 to 8 Everything she did seemed to give her a bad impression from everyone else.

Days 1 to 6 Ashley is definitely one of my more favorite pre-merge boots.

Her personality was kind of amazing to me and I really wish she made it further in China.

She wasn't as paranoid as her future appearance, maybe she should have been Most Memorable Moment: Getting blindsided by Colton and Alicia Days 1 to 12 HALLELUJAH... Joanna is definitely a more memorable pre-merge boot for the right reasons.

She didn't like the immunity idol because to her it felt like they were worshipping a false idol.

She got into a huge argument with Christy when she said her views were basically stupid..Joanna yelling at her and Christy probably not registering half of what she said .

And then she basically told the pretty girls that beauty fades, because they weren't doing anything around camp.Most Memorable Moment: Turning on Jeremiah right after the tribe swap Days 1 to 8 Angie also had that cute factor, and I honestly think she got screwed over by being on the flop tribe of Matsing, cause I think she would have gone quite a bit further otherwise.Every time she opened her mouth something unexpected would come out..wanting cookies Most Memorable Moment: Days 1 to 8 Oh Randy, probably one of the worst social players ever in this game, but it's hilarious.His Final Tribal Council speech was definitely his shining moment though...basically destroying both Tom and Katie.Most Memorable Moment: His FTC speech Days 20 to 28 I actually like Caramoan Phillip more than Redemption Island Phillip, mainly because he was still the same person..he seemed a little more conscious about what was going on around him, even though he thought he was in charge and he really wasn't . Francesca Part II and also him causing the Brandon meltdown.I honestly used to despise Randy..my rewatch changed that. Villains was pretty lolzy, being completely unappreciated and unheard when he tried to get Parvati voted out.


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