Jane renfrew dating

After a year and a half of dating Elmer, Isabelle announced they were getting married.

Whatever reservations Isabelle’s daughters had about Elmer, they weren’t going to stand in the way of their mother’s happiness.

She told the police there was no physical violence in the relationship.

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As deputy mayor, Elmer chaired the planning and fire committees and was heavily involved in decision-making on things that mattered most to townsfolk — everything from property taxes and hospital renovations to traffic lights.

Elmer was often seen about town, fulfilling the duties of his office. we’d spend a lot of time listening to his stories and his latest feats.

When a man pinged her on the popular dating site in 2009, she was initially reluctant to continue the conversation. He told Isabelle he was also cautious about using his real name, because he was a “big wheel” in the town of Arnprior, Ont.

He was a widower and using what he later revealed was his late wife’s email address.

Isabelle calls them Elmer’s “episodes of irrational jealousy,” and claims they started even before they were married.

“He would go from zero to 60 in seconds,” says Isabelle.

He greeted her with a bottle of maple syrup and a rose, a gesture she found endearing. the word that comes to me is, like, a thug — like somebody who works in the woods.

Still, Isabelle says she wasn’t initially attracted to him. But that soon wore off.” Isabelle was touched by his easy-going and affable demeanour.

In a video taken at the event, you can see that Elmer stands a whole foot taller than his bride.

They’re both beaming as Isabelle slices a wedding cake topped with a curvy “R” for Raycroft.

“We were very aware that Mom’s getting older, and we’re getting older,” says Janet.

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