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The Asura Path used its many weapons to wreak havoc and destroy several buildings of the village.

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As the village was surrounded by a detection barrier, Pain's Animal Path was sent in to the village alone to fool the Barrier Team, leading Konoha to believe there was only one invader.

After infiltrating the village, the Animal Path summoned Konan and Pain's other five bodies to its location, where they dispersed.

The ordinary citizens and those that had been injured in the initial wave fled to the Konoha hospital.

Sakura Haruno provided defence for the hospital and healed what injuries she could.

When the Human Path captured Shizune, Pain was able to discover where Naruto was.

The Deva Path had Konan and the remaining Paths evacuate while it used a large-scale Shinra Tensei to destroy the village and teach Tsunade "true pain." In a brief moment between when the destruction began and when it was completed, Tsunade had the remaining Katsuyu copies shield the hospital.

While Chōji informed Tsunade of what they had learned, Kakashi died from chakra loss from using the Mangekyō Sharingan to protect Chōji from Asura Path's missile.

Across the village, Konan and Pain's remaining bodies began attracting the attention of Konoha's defenders.

The Animal and Preta Paths then switched objectives.

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