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When it comes to her personal life, Lindsey, although portraying a lesbian character in the famous TV series “Pretty Little Liars”, confirmed that she is straight, and has been seen together with Devon Werkheiser, Ethan Peck and Devon Graye in the past.

All the fans of Ned's are great and have a lot of love for the show. It's also put me in this place with some fans, where I'm able to really connect with them and share my creativity and heart with, and that is a really cool thing. And I look forward to having Ned's be an important part of my public life, but not THE most important part.

And it has also given me some notoriety which has led to great experiences and other projects.

If you'd like to contribute, there's some fun perks for us to connect on. still mostly know me from Ned's. I was learning guitar at the time, and was going to buy a mid level guitar, but a friend on set who was a great musician, Adam Conway, told me, "If you have the money, buy the best." It will age and you will never need to buy another guitar.

hl=en https:// https:// Pd Fw0bd Qxk0i Pvyf QMy proof! It was hard when I felt that kids I had grown up with in Atlanta were treating me different, that was a strange experience. It's sometimes hard watching my contemporaries having success that I want, and I can get doubtful or down about that sometimes. I still had enough anonymity to be able to experience being a teenager and young adult. The first major purchase was my Taylor guitar that I still own and have written and recorded the vast majority of my music on. The one material thing I care about more than anything else.

He was given a supporting role in We Were Soldiers after being part of the Acting Factory. Lindsey Shaw co-starred with him in Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide.

He released the hit song "If Eyes Could Speak" in 2010.

She regularly visits the local karate studio and the sparring sessions give her another fun option to keep her figure in shape.

She also likes to go out for swimming every once in a while.

She was then chosen for the part of Paige Mc Cullers in the TV mystery drama series “Pretty Little Liars” (2011-2017), which became her most prominent role so far, and increasing her net worth by a large margin.

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