Htc inspire friend stream not updating elanlar dating

When I click on them and open them there is no where to delete or uninstall, as they show no size, any help would be greatly appreciated regarding this matter! Almost all smartphone batteries last a day, because of all applications in the background, large screen, etc. Anyway, it sound like problem with proximity sensor and since your phone is new – use that guarantee. When I go on the agenda page , tap on a a friend’s birthday event to wish , it takes to page where it states to send a greeting.. Thank you in advance Hey, I have a HTC Desire and when I load up an internet page which involves me putting in my username and password, I do so then click subit but all it does is refresh the page and won’t log in.. a group I am involved in, and also my bank account…. However when I tap on it , takes me to the comment page wherein whatever I comment , it gets posted on my wall.. Most of the tips are about disabling features and services that if left on while not in use will continue to drain your phone’s battery.1. 4G – always turn off when not using, only use when you need the speed, the TB will get a toggle either in an update or in app form at some point, in the meantime there are.

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Update apps – hit menu key and to go My Apps to check for updates, even if you have selected“update automatically”because some apps require you to manually install updates (apps often get updated to use less power) 19.

Location settings (updated) – go to settings/location settings.

There's nothing horrible about it, but several areas have room for improvement.…

If you’ve updated your Galaxy Tab S 10.5 to Android 5.0.2, you might want to root it and install a custom recovery in order to customize your device.

Thirdly if i try and post my status on FB it just closes and says unfortunately FB has stopped. all there seems to be loads if duplicate applications with no file size means they show a capacity of 0b. If it says Status: Received (while it’s not) talk to your provider. Then you download Titanium Backup from Google Play which can uninstall those apps permanently. - There are tons of apps which can delete temporary files. Use wireless networks and also check Use GPS satelittes.

I have for example 4 separate apps for weather all showing 0b, how can I get rid of these???? Do you have some security app installed by any chance? Also, try clearing your Internet cache or some other browser (Dolphin, Maxhton, etc) Hey kojocop! About screen problem – well, it shouldn’t go black immediately. Little scratch can cause some problems to proximity sensor. So I do get the updates for birthdays on a particular day.. I cant clear the screen message that tells me I have an answer phone message even though there arent any, No one seems to be able to give me any help other than to return it to factory settings and I dont want to do that So I tried solution 1 and 2 to solve the issue of Facebook not updating, however now friendstream won’t let me add new Facebook account, kept telling me service currently unavailable, so I can’t use friend stream at all.

Task killer – do not use them, uninstall if you currently have one, can harm phone and consume battery, just use back arrow key to exit apps instead of home key, simply monitor rogue apps instead and uninstall/replace.

Background data – if you are not using Google life-management services, go to settings/accounts & sync and uncheck Background data box (so that apps cannot sync, send, and receive data whenever it wants to, even if not currently using them).

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