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Jenny represents the quintessential look and way of life that we picture when we think about hippies, but there’s so much more to being a hippie than what you see in movies.

If you’re a bona fide hippie in search of a fellow flower child, look no further than the top nine free hippie dating websites.

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People who follow bird watching are known as birders, and I would like to give a special mention to Phoebe Snetsinger, who is known to have seen the maximum species of birds (8,398 out of over 10,000 that exist).

Bird watching was her hobby, but she started pursuing it fervently only after she was diagnosed with cancer.

Instead of staying at home and taking rest, she got engaged in traveling distant places for bird watching, which was her way to cope with the illness.

Most people confine hobbies related to sports and adventure to men. Adventure is something that every human seeks because it gives them a sense of thrill and achievement.

Let's take the example of an application that was created as a hobby, and is now a part of everyone's life - Facebook.

Do I need to tell you the rewards Mark Zuckerberg has received because of his hobby?

Overall | Emo | Goth | Punk | Metal | Rock To start off our list, we’ve got the best overall alternative dating networks for singles of all types.

Below, you’ll find six sites that specialize in fostering unique, open-minded communities.

They vary from person to person distinguishing one's personality from the other.


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