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She had a slightly bulging belly, but without any folds. She had a long hair which reached half her back, and which she used to tie in the form of a bun. And whenever they had sex it would be over in 3-4 minutes. My Father got an offer from Chicago University for research for 4 years in the US. Just about a week before my father was to leave, he received a call from his collage time junior from Kanpur University. As I got up from my chair to close it, I saw Parvati and Mujahid standing together, preparing food.

Earlier, as I had seen in albums, she used to wear Sarees, typical Bengali style, sleeveless, low cut and almost backless. But the tight figure hugging churidaars and kameez with small sleeves looked good on her too. Then I developed the habit of watching the activities of my parents through the attic window. My mother barely used to respond to such sessions, she would just lay there motionless. My mother was not willing to go as my studies would have been affected and asked father to rethink. They had their backs towards me, They were standing very close together, his right arm was almost touching the smooth left arm of my mother. I closed the door, but started watching from the keyhole from where they were clearly visible.

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The prospect of her cheating on her husband and a love affair between my Hindu Brahmin Mother, Parvati and a devout Muslim man, Kaleem Mujahid titillated me oddly. They were all shot by a camera and it was Mujahid’s own sex sessions with 3 different women. I went to attic and noticed, mother had just come out of the bathroom and was dressing herself up.

The next whole day in school I imagined whether Parvati and Mujahid kiss each other while being in office or in car or elsewhere. There was more than 150GB of data with more than 1000 files. She opened up her closet and took out her wedding saree as I had seen in her album.

The upper part of the house had independent rooms and kitchen but somehow we never rented it and it was vacant. My father invited him to stay with us for some days till he found his own accommodation. Next day my mother left to Murshidabad for Durga Puja. As I was unpacking, I saw he had brought his exercising stuff as well, dumbbells etc. My mother arrived two days later from Dushehra, and the day my father left. As he was already cooking for me, and I praised his cooking too, Mother readily agreed when Mujahid offered to help her in the kitchen.

On the ground floor was my parent’s bedroom, my room beside it, common living cum dining room and kitchen. He told me he was very particular about his physique. He was wearing only vest and trousers when we were unpacking. They also used to go and return from University together in Mother’s car.

Parvati licked her lips with her tongue in a seductive manner when she said this. Mujahid finished his dinner and went towards bathroom to clean.

After coming out he took out his digicam from the bag and started adjusting it.

My mother was a very beautiful woman, a typical Bengali beauty. I came out to fetch water, when I saw them watching our old family photo albums together. I overheard a comment from Mujahid praising her that she looked good in the saree. It was a lot time after she was getting such romantic attention from a man. Next day to my surprise, after coming back home she changed into a saree. But what was exciting was, the short sleeved exposed her smooth fair arms. Her back was almost visible completely, even from the front, the transparent saree hid a little and showed her tummy and navel.

She was not very fair, not dusky either, in between. He even told her couple of shers praising her beauty. I remembered Mujahid praising her looks in Saree the day before. And she had kept her hair loose which was also unusual.

We lived in Maulviganj area of Lucknow, very near to Lucknow University.

We had a two storeyed house, with a courtyard and road in front and back of the house. Mujahid shifted to our home and occupied the top floor.

India is quite conservative so most Indian girls dress relatively modestly.


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