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Note that support centers determine what track style is required.

Supporting Structure: For a Free Standing Bridge Crane, the supporting structure refers to the support assembly, also called the Goal Post or End Frame, consisting of the columns and header.

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For a Ceiling Mounted System, the supporting structure is the ceiling, including trusses, stringers, columns, etc., from which the crane is hung.

Trolley Saddle Height(TS): On a Free Standing Bridge Crane, this is the height from the top of the saddle of the hoist trolley (the clevis pin from which the hoist is actually hung) to the floor.

Overall Height (OAH): The distance from the floor to the top-most point on a crane (should include hardware).

Span (of Bridge): The distance between the center line of the runways.

Combining the responsiveness and flexibility of a human operator, plus the power and endurance of a machine, the Easy-Arm with G-Force technology is faster and more precise than hoists and more responsive and durable that air balancers and vacuum tube lifters.

The Easy Arm improves safety, productivity and quality and is ideal for lifting applications that involve: Pinpoint Precision: The Easy Arm delivers unparalled precision at speeds from less than 1 fpm(0.3 mpm) up to 150 fpm(46 mpm), giving the operator the control necessary to finesse expensive or fragile parts.This half ton Gorbel freestanding crane system is perfect for small lifting tasks in limited spaces.Matched with the right hoist you can see up to a 28% increase in productivity.The span must be distinguished from the Overall Length (OAL) of bridge, which is larger than the span.Formula (for most cranes): Span = Support Center: The distance between the center line of the two support columns or hangers along a runway.All this, plus quick delivery and the industry’s best warranty.

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