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After dating for three years, Whitson married his online dating sweetheart in the summer of 2015. In 2009, Peter considered shutting down his e Harmony account and giving up on online dating entirely. She answered his messages, and they knew there was something there.

In November, they had their first conversation over the phone.

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I wasn’t interested in 90% of the guys who came my way, but I thought it’d be rude to ignore their messages. He asked why, and I pointed out that we had nothing in common. It’s an anonymous forum where some singles feel no shame about soliciting toe-sucking, anal, and other kinky behavior.

So, I started giving would-be suitors polite and brief answers before explaining that I wouldn’t be striding off into the sunset with them. He argued, flattered, and begged in a barrage of messages that barely paused for my responses. One single woman was on Ok Cupid when her online crush suggested cam sex.

“I heard the tiny ding of the notification on my phone when I realized he’d responded back, and positively, even enthusiastically,” Sona recalled in an interview with She Knows.

“It’s funny, still, when we look back on it and realize that we were both so nervous we almost didn’t go.” On their first date, they realized they were meant for one another.

They got married on March 14, 2015 (aka Pi Day) and love to tell people that it was love at first click.

One of my high school friends has been with her boyfriend for over three years now.

As in, “You think dating a fanatic Green Party vegan is bad?

I was stuck talking politics with a redneck Trump voter!

” To give you a laugh and let you know we all end up on bad dates sometimes, we’ve put together a list of bad dating experiences from singles who probably regret every decision that led them to be on this list. My first day on a dating site, I was pretty overwhelmed by all the random guys checking me out and sending me messages.

Maybe some girls would feel flattered by the attention, but I felt uncomfortable. Sometimes people make some weird propositions on dating websites.

Whether those people found their confidence or their soul mate, such personal stories give singles everywhere renewed hope. We’ve collected some of our favorite online dating stories from around the web and in real life to bolster the spirits of daters feeling discouraged by ghosting, dick pics, and bad dates.


  1. In fact, this platform has hundreds of female models online to browse.

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