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Inclination and declination values have also been calculated for the regions of interest, assuming dipole field symmetry.

The reduced archaeomagnetic results used, comply with those early observations of aurorae, confirming the inclination of the geomagnetic pole towards the observing sites.

Then all of a sudden, in 2000, it changed direction moving 75 degrees eastwards and began moving east at a rate of around 17 cm annually. Today it is now moving at a pace of 55km PER YEAR!!!!!

It most likely passed through central Chile and Argentina. That could explain the existence of the map of Antartica without ice that has been found.

This rapid movement is striking alarm bells everywhere from a navigational perspective.

This could be an explanation for the extremely cold winters since 2015.

A pole shift can be far more rapid than previously anticipated.

On Earth, the major pole shifts that are permanent tend to be in the 720,000 years range.

So once again, there was nobody around to record what really happens.

I have previously warned that the North Magnetic Pole was moving away from Canada and headed in the opposite direction toward Europe.

For most of the 1900s, the physical North Pole was moving westwards around 10 cm each year towards Canada’s Hudson Bay. Now the North Magnetic Pole is moving rapidly and erratically.

This sudden rapid movement of 55km a year may be a warning of such a pending shift becoming imminent.

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