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Are you looking for a committed gay relationship here in Australia?If you’re done with casual hook-ups and short-term flings, Elite Singles is the online dating agency for you!No, nothing in the Bible and nothing Jesus said during His earthly ministry indicates that loving someone of the same sex is sinful. or we could justify any sin in the bible and say no it really dosent mean what it just continue to live a delusional life in sin.

The 2016 Census revealed that Australia’s gay community is a highly educated bunch; 45% of same-sex couples indicated that they have a Bachelor degree or higher compared with 29% of people in opposite-sex couples.

Similarly, Elite Singles members tend to be educated, relatively affluent singles; the percentage of members with a Bachelor degree is double that of the national average.

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Neither interest automatically indicates a woman is a lesbian or a man is gay.

So if you’re looking for someone compatible who shares your values, goals and lifestyle, Elite Singles is the place to connect you with like-minded singles.

Elite Singles is regarded as one of the country's top dating sites for professional singles.

Its kind of like asking, Why am I left-handed or Why do I like ice cream? Its partly a matter of DNA - we inherit many characteristics which make us unique and it may be partly a matter of nurture, how we grow up and how we learn to experience the world around us. 105 questions answered from our ask a question page.

Did Jesus say anything about same sex lovers being sin? well rick if you can justify your homosexuality and say the bible never speaks about it. Well then i guess when the bible says thou shalt not kill it really meant something else eh rick?

Its perfectly natural for some women to be interested in cars and other things which are more commonly viewed as 'boy things.' Its also perfectly natural for some men to be interested in fashion design or owning/working in a women's hair salon.


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  2. The 5th Wheel was an American dating reality series that aired in syndication from 2001 to 2004.

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