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At networking events, when I introduce myself to non-lawyers, I am often met with a friendly laugh and: “You don’t look like a lawyer.” It has started to bother me. Philip Galanes, the writer behind the Social Q’s advice column who happens to be an attorney (he once worked at Paul Weiss and Debevoise & Plimpton), has some wonderful advice for women who encounter situations like this.

I am not sure if they are commenting on my gender, age, demeanor or all of the above. He acknowledges that anyone can be a lawyer, no matter what they look like, and then offers this recommendation: “If you want to know what ‘You don’t look like a lawyer’ means, ask.

A similar question was asked in a recent Social Q’s column in the New York Times: I am a female lawyer in my early 30s.

I am reasonably attractive and dress in a stylish yet conservative way.

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Women in the legal profession need to step up and assert themselves on this issue in particular, if only to show others that a staid suit doesn’t make the lawyer.

While they may not “look like” lawyers by virtue of their own femininity, they can definitely like lawyers.

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