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Since customers are much more likely to open a Facebook message compared to email, you can expect higher engagement rates.

With e-commerce software capabilities, your Facebook chatbot can identify which item the customer is looking for and connect them to that item via social media call-to-action (CTA) buttons in a matter of seconds.

A recent study by Digitas LBi revealed that 37 percent of U. adults are willing to make a purchase via chatbots – with the average purchase totaling $55.

Even if a chatbots sole purpose is to answer FAQs, it still frees up valuable time for your customer service staff.

Since Facebook actually grades businesses on how responsive they are to messages, users will feel confident that their questions will be answered in a timely manner.

If the numbers above indicate anything, it’s that more businesses should look toward Messenger and its chatbot capabilities to bolster their social media marketing strategies and stay competitive in the near future.

That’s why we’ve compiled a full guide on why you should consider getting your Facebook chatbot up-and-running.Besides, you don’t want a potential customer lingering, do you?On the note of potential customers, Facebook chatbots are great for engaging with those who have discovered you via Facebook and are ready to purchase something from your e-commerce business.This means if you have a Facebook business page (you should really create one if you haven’t already), there’s a good chance a user will engage with your chatbot to learn more about your business.If you’re still not swayed to use Messenger as the platform for your first chatbot, take a look at the top five advantages: Facebook chatbots are live at all hours of the day and send near-instant responses to user inquiries.While chatbots have traditionally supported customer service departments, more businesses are now using them to automate marketing and sales efforts.


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