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If something happens, you get an alert on your phone, and the camera automatically records and uploads video, which you can view on the app (or watch live at any time).The Owl Car Cam is much more expensive than our other picks, though, and, while you get a year of free access to the company’s 4G LTE service (needed for the remote access features), it costs around per month after that.On performance, the Nextbase 512GW and Nextbase 612GW 4K are actually better dash cams than the Garmin 55—but this brand, popular in the UK and new to the US market, has been available inconsistently so far.

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With its 1296p resolution, the Papago Go Safe 550’s image quality is better than many models we’ve tested (although not as sharp as our top pick or runner-up).

It has a bright 2.7-inch display, its mount provides a wide range of adjustment, and its controls are reasonably easy to use.

The front camera—recording in 1080p resolution—provides good overall image quality, although it’s not as sharp as our single-cam picks.

And the rear camera shows passengers more clearly than similar competitors, especially in total darkness.

Unlike our above picks, though, the 550 doesn’t have a GPS receiver, Wi-Fi, or a compatible smartphone app—but that’s the compromise you make for this camera’s consistently lower price.

If you want to record incidents behind your vehicle (as well as in front), we recommend the dual-cam Papago Go Safe S810.

Case in point: A Wirecutter staffer was able to use his dash-cam footage to prove that he wasn’t at fault after being rear-ended in a parking garage.

Although the forward-facing camera couldn’t record the vehicle in back actually striking his car, he said “it showed that I was driving appropriately and captured the sound, jolt from impact, and mine and my girlfriend's reactions.”In addition, a dash cam can be useful for helping other drivers who need objective eyewitness evidence following a crash, hit-and-run, or road-rage incident to help them present their case or identify a vehicle.

As with other dual-cam models, the rear camera is weaker, with a duller image, less sharpness, and more contrast.

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