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I'm sure we could all categorise men into 'groups', both in online dating and in day to day life (offline). The only reason why they are online dating is because their standards are out of wack with reality and have rejected all mediocre men in their life already. I dislike reading the bitter posts ranting about how all the women are going to be so sorry later on, they'll have been picky but later on they'll be sad lonely crazy cat ladies on the shelf with nothing to offer because their looks are gone. Please don't assume that our lives revolve around a relationship so that if we don't have one we'll be sad and miserable and crazy.

Kind of stands to reason really.'X' many men would prefer women without children.'X' many men would prefer a 'decent' body'X' many would prefer ________. They do accept that they are not super models so are willing to trade a small amount of looks for a lot of money in their prospective partner. I assume paid dating sites are better because women will receive far less message spam. The thing is lots of people have flaws and they say something vague like 'all I want is' to make themselves sound very unpicky ; but perhaps they're just as picky as many of those they think of as picky. We may be perfectly happy single and prefer that to an unsatisfying partnered relationship – just as, I'm sure, many men would prefer to be single than be with a woman they didn't like.

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if i had a choice over receiving 200 messages a day from every man or 5 messages per day from the types of guys i wanted. When i was using online dating back before it was considered normal i use to contact women who had tags on their bio like "stop asking for sex 2 sentences in" or "if you send dick pics i will block you".

Because if you are a guy who doesn't do that, chances are they will still keep chatting to you.

Do they reply to every spam message in their email with a detailed friemdly reply?

It's hard for them to accept that that is what they seem like – spam.

Don't waste your time using online dating as a primary means of meeting women.

Use it as a complimentary avenue in addition to meeting women in the real world.

Not to mention the fact they don't age well compared to other nationalities.

More and more blokes are beginning to realize that it just isn't worth it, especially if you have assets.

Sometimes women need to remove the pricks from a rose to touch the flower lol. Of course some guys are going to go on about how they would definitely reply if someone messaged them, etc.

They are probably not getting hundreds of messaged a day.

^ THIS A man's intended outcome is completely transparent on these sites. Most women don't want to let on that they met their boyfriend online. but it's nice to set up an account and be entertained by all the attention. Both genders whine about not being appreciated for 'themselves' but are also attracted to certain things in other people which those others possibly deem superficial.

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