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Go to Central Plaza and enter The Hotel and talk to Alix and trade your pencil for his paperclip. With the flashlight, you’ll be able to enter The Factory in the North Outskirts where Sky is.Go north to The Station House and talk to Fidel and let him have your paperclip. Go west to The Flower Shop and talk to Aiden and trade your scissors for his pocket knife. Let him have your magnifying glass and you’ll get a lint brush. The cheat code bartermaster can also be used to unlock Sky. Each character has an ending where you stay with them in the Emerald World and live happily ever after and an ending where you reject their feelings and return to your world and meet their counterpart.Go east to The Hideout, talk to Elias and let him have your pocket knife. Return to East Street and enter The Shop to talk to Xolga. When the moon is full you are able to go home but you can say goodbye to characters before you leave.

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Go to The Wood past East Street and click on the ground to plant a rose in the soft soil. Once 12 are planted leave the area and come back to Raine will appear.

The cheat code gardeningisforsquares can also be used to unlock Raine.

On West Street, click on the blue bowl outside of The Flower Shop to find a red marker.

Go to the South Outskirts and there will be a drawing of a bird on the ground. Then go to an area where you can rest at such as The Hotel or The Hideout and rest there to go to the next day.

To have a successful date you will need to raise the Mood to 5/5 and kiss the character.

Talk to and give gifts they like to raise the Mood to be full in order to kiss.

Raising your Relationship can be done by talking to them, giving them gifts and going on dates.

Gifts are a great way to increase your Relationship EXP.

You can't give gifts to characters right away after meeting them.


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