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The request gets reestablished if it's interrupted or times out.

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Both subsystems are clustered and partitioned for reliability and efficient failover. In short, because the problem domain fits Erlang like a glove.

Erlang is a functional concurrency-oriented language with extremely low-weight user-space "processes", share-nothing message-passing semantics, built-in distribution, and a "crash and recover" philosophy proven by two decades of deployment on large soft-realtime production systems.

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The results of inevitable programming bugs, hardware failures, et al., should be hidden from the user as much as possible and isolated from the rest of the system.

The way this is typically accomplished in a web application is by separating the model and the view: data is persisted in a database (perhaps with a separate in-memory cache), with each short-lived request retrieving only the parts relevant to that request.

It is rather keeping each online user aware of the online-idle-offline states of their friends, so that conversations can begin.


  1. Second Life is a multiplayer online game with a large community and optional adult areas.

  2. You can either talk directly into your webcam or you can use the text chat area to message them.

  3. This chat room contains sexual content, so you must be 18 to chat here.

  4. Jackson asks what catastrophes might have been averted had national media outlets stepped in sooner—and why it took so long for the Flint water crisis to become a story worthy of national attention.

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