Ethan ruan and chen qiao en dating

She said that filming in Beijing, the weather is very cold and dry, and she has increased her own skin maintenance.Other than this, she revealed that her good friend Ming Dao has also benefitted.

Gong Li confirmed to join Disney Mulan as some evil witch villain.

Jet Li is in talk to join as the Emperor but nothing is confirmed yet.

At first, I was not feeling Liu Yi Fei‘s outfits, but it grew on me as more pictures were released.

The story itself takes a rather somber tone and thus, the darker palette is quite befitting despite the other colorful choice in the manhua (vivid colors are used to capture the attention of readers).

Idol Producer announces the top 9 members that will debut as a group called Nine Percent.

Members that made the cut off are: You Zhangjing, Zhu Zhengtin, Lin Yanjun, Wang Ziyi, Cai Xukun, Xiao Gui, Fan Chengcheng, Chen Linong, Justin Zhang Tong and Sun Li awarded Outstanding Actor and Actress awards at the 31st Feitian Award Ceremony for their role in dramas Heroes in Defense and Nothing Gold Can Stay.It looks my beloved couple can only generate romantic sparks onscreen because they claim tp be happy as friends. They have this natural, flirty chemistry that works to their advantage. You think she’ll always be still for your lips, lover boy? Joe Chen adds, “With Ming Dao, I know him too well, so well that there’s nothing else to know.” was her first period drama and she was glad that Ming Dao’s presence made her feel comfortable in a new environment. The 51st Golden Horse Awards took place last night in Taipei to celebrate the best of film in Greater China for 2014.It was an unprecedented triple win for Chinese actor-director Chen Jian Bin (who walked the red carpet in …The last highest rating drama “Prince Turned To Frog” was starred Chen Qiao En. “First Sister” and “First Brother” of idol dramas naturally becomes the golden prize of actors of every generation.


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