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In this, you have to check Liquid Damage indicator.For that, you have to follow the below steps: Step 1: First, remove the SIM card tray and then search for a small sticker in SIM slot Step 2: If sticker is white then phone is completely safe from liquid damage.When moisture gathers in the charging port then contact point gets damage and it stops the phone to charge and the damage will be long term.

Samsung Galaxy phones come with “Moisture detected” indication and it occurs when charging port becomes wet.

So if you are getting the error then it may be because you have used your phone in wet or humid condition. After this, check whether the charging port is free of moisture or not.

So I have come up with some of the best ways to deal with Moisture detected problem on Samsung Galaxy devices in this blog. Method 2: Switch off phone and charge it Method 3: Ensure your phone is not a liquid damage Method 4: Clear data of USB Settings service Method 5: Use wireless charging Method 6: Avoid ‘moisture detected’ warning Method 7: Restart your device in Safe Mode Method 8: Change charging cable Method 9: Put Galaxy S10/S10 /S10e in rice bag Method 10: Do factory reset of your phone How to recover lost data after factory reset on Galaxy S10/S10 /S10e The best part of water resistance phones are that not even a tiny drop of water will enter into the internal part of the device and can damage it.

Following them will definitely help you to fix “Moisture detected” error on Samsung Galaxy S10/S10 /S10e phone. But other parts of phone like charging port, headphone jacks, USB port have a chance to get dipped in water or can show the error on phone.

When phone gets wet then all you need to do is to wipe out the water from it.

But there are still some chances to get you in trouble with your phone and that is all because of “moisture detected”.

Recently Samsung has launched its new flagship smartphones named as Samsung Galaxy S10/S10 /S10e and they are water resistance devices.

These devices will be safe when tiny amount of water is dipped on it.

When your device port is wet then Galaxy phone will give you enough warning of it.

In fact, if you try to connect your device then an alarm will tell you to disconnect your phone. When temperature becomes normal then whatever water remains in the device will evaporate within hours.

Again, Clean Master, CCleaner or other cleaner apps have very good popularity.


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