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In her book, Priscilla devotes four pages to the subject (175 to 178).There was a lot of publicity about a romance between Elvis and Ann-Margret during the 1963 filming, and in the following weeks when Elvis returned to record music and prepare for his next film.Despite his denials of an affair, Priscilla went to Los Angeles and stayed with him.

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He then began taking Dexedrine in order to wake up.

Elvis liked old movie classics revolving around family or struggles to survive in the world such as Les Misérables, Wuthering Heights, It's a Wonderful Life, Mr.

He took placidyls to get to sleep in ever-increasing doses.

Elvis would wake up at his normal time around in the afternoon, but would be groggy and irritable for a few hours from the heavy dose of pills.

Of all the movie stars Elvis Presley worked with, Ann-Margret was the only one to attend his funeral.

The very next line of Priscilla's book says that after the Ann-Margret ordeal she soon suspected there were other women.

One such time was when Elvis released "(Marie's the Name) His Latest Flame", Priscilla wondered at that time if Elvis was dating a girl named Donna Marie.

Of the many women involved with Elvis, the one whom Priscilla felt that her relationship with Elvis was most threatened by was actress/singer Ann-Margret, who co-starred with Elvis in the film Viva Las Vegas.

After the marriage Elvis bought a home on Dolan Drive in Memphis where Vernon and his new wife resided.

On the rare occasions Dee Stanley-Presley came to Graceland, Elvis did his best to at least be civil towards his stepmother.

Priscilla says she was aware he had been dating Anita Wood, a girl from Memphis, when they first met in Germany and that he had continued the relationship for nearly two years following his discharge from the Army.

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