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Meanwhile, Kelsi writes a song for Troy and the gang to sing at the Midsummer Night's Talent Show ("You Are the Music in Me").

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There is so much pressure to have a cute, clever or funny Halloween costume.

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Sharpay and Ryan look forward to spending the summer at their father's Lava Springs country club.

In an attempt to steal Troy away from Gabriella, Sharpay schemes to get Troy summer work.

Sharpay then gives Ryan's part to Troy and reminds him of his promise to sing with her. Sharpay convinces Kelsi to rework her song and Troy to sing it with her and the Sharpettes ("You Are the Music in Me – Rock Version").

Since Sharpay's dad set Troy up to practice with the college basketball team, Troy misses the staff baseball game and leaves his friends stranded.

However, Sharpay learns her lesson and asks Gabriella to sing with Troy instead ("Every Day").

With everyone reunited, the Wildcats' fantastic summer can really start ("All for One")!

Troy Bolton is the most popular kid at East High, the star of the basketball team and Gabriella's boyfriend.


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