Does consolidating debt ruin your credit

But if you change the habits that led to debt and pay on time, every time, the overall effect should be positive.

Missed and late payments can hurt your credit scores, so consolidating everything into one monthly payment might help protect your credit from a payment mishap.

Carrying a balance does not help your credit scores, no matter what you may have read or heard elsewhere.

For the most part, if you use the right option for debt consolidation for your circumstances, it shouldn’t hurt your credit score. If you follow that plan correctly, this means you’re making payments on time and taking steps to cut your debt load.

Those are the two biggest factors in determining your credit score.

It can be really tempting to start going out and spending before you pay off the consolidated debt. Always finish paying off consolidated debt before you start charging again.

Otherwise, you can have a real mess on your hands and can ruin your credit in the process..

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If you use a card regularly and pay it off in full every month, it can give you the biggest credit score boost without paying a cent in interest.

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