Diary of a dating disaster common and serena williams dating

Rae realises she has started to develop feelings for Finn and contemplates telling him.

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She begins to worry that Finn will never see her as more than just a friend, prompting a friend from the hospital, Danny Two Hats, to give her some advice about how to get out of the "friend zone".

He tells her to treat Finn coldly and remain distant; she does so, which confuses and upsets Finn.

Episode one opens in 1996 with Rae being introduced to her new doctor, Dr.

Kester Gill, who reminds her that her old doctor requested she keep a diary for her first week out of the psychiatric hospital. Her mum picks her up from the hospital and on the car ride home, they run into Rae's old friend, Chloe, who invites Rae to hang out with her and her friends.

The episode ends with Chloe finding Rae's customised hospital bracelet from Tix.

With her best friend, Chloe, in a relationship, Rae also wants a boyfriend, but is worried she'll never get one while she's obese. Gill) when he asks her to try and look in the mirror and compliment herself more, because she is extremely uncomfortable with her appearance.

Archie takes Rae to a closed swimming pool and kisses her. Chloe and Izzy decide to give her a makeover before the second date.

Whilst waiting for Archie to turn up, Finn arrives to let Rae know Archie isn't coming.

Her new friends invite her to a pool party and she goes shopping with Chloe for a suitable swimming costume to wear.


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