Dexter dating lumen

The writers went for a sudden twist ending that hits you hard and fast with Harrison screaming in a pool of blood and then planning out to Rita in the bathtub.Obviously they went this route so they could show the similarities to Dexters own childhood in the shipping container.Also regarding Rita, I always thought it would have made for a good story line for her to eventually find out who Dexter really is.

How has she not put 1 1 together yet with the slide boxes and realized he is the real BHB and not Doakes? People thought she whined to much but Rita and the kids were when we got to see Dexter interact in a normal family man kind of way which was always interesting and break from the other stuff. But with these Russians I wouldn't be surprised if another cop or detective gets knocked off.

Since Rita's death the only scene I can remember of Dexter going into that roll was when his step daughter came back home with her friend. You don't want to be at the wrong place at the wrong time with these guys like Mike or Louis were.

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I get that but I would have preferred a more dramatic scene of Arthur sneaking into the house and killing Rita in the bathtub like we saw Arthur do to the girl in the first episode of the season.

All the while watching suspensfully for whether or not Dexter would show to save the day.

They mostly hang out at Michael’s house, but when she does go out in public with him it’s only with others and she walks at a distance.

It’s more like Michael, Vanessa and a few others that work on that are not actors.

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