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Having released 7 albums till now, her fame and success is reflected by her net worth of .5 million US dollars.With not a very rich dating history, Dawn has not been married till now.Or we were too skinny or too thick or our voices were too soulful for the pop records we were trying to sell."Richard recently collaborated with the experimental indie group Dirty Projectors, voicing the swooning hook on 2017's "Cool Your Heart." And ex.

Dawn Richard got her break as a member of the girl group Danity Kane, which briefly ruled airwaves in the mid-2000s.

But Richard's solo material, under the name DAWN (previously styled as D∆WN), eschews Top 40 hooks for inventive R&B grooves.

The group started to record songs and made appearances in TV, as well as featured with other famous artists as well.

They featured along with Lil Wayne while working in a song "Phase", in 2008.

Her latest album, signifies a fresh start after the artist completed a heady trilogy of albums.

"It's my personal journey as a black woman from New Orleans," Richard, 35, says.

I was already nine pages in and I'm realizing: Oh, wait." Did Richard send it? I'm gonna save it, just in case petty me needs to live again."The song's video prominently features images of the Washitaw Nation, a tribe associated with the black Mardi Gras Indians of New Orleans.

Richard also wears the tribe's traditional headdress on the album cover.

Despite rumors that suggested the two had been engaged, they openly had denied the rumors, and broke up as well in 3 years, without any children.

As of now, she is believed to be romantically involved with singer Qwanell Mosley.

"I wrote an entire letter to the ex just speaking my personal feelings," she says.

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