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Internet dating site ran a feature story and after that and the party went “viral." It has been thrown in venues across the world since receiving extensive media coverage.Bill Kennedy has been interviewed about the popularity of the Stoplight Parties in countless trade publications like Nightclub & Bar Magazine.

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This means the majority of their traffic is single males who are looking for a female to connect with.

Their affiliate program is powered through, which has three of the top converting dating offers and accept traffic in over 20 different countries.

(audience, goal and geographic locations) The first step in creating an effective and powerful ad campaign is knowing who your audience is.

Usually running a quick report will provide you with a good estimate on the type of audience that is visiting the site in which you are promoting.

You can see a breakdown of the estimated demographics below.

Clearly you can see that men dominate the traffic going to the site, as it should be since that is their target audience.

The affiliate network recommends you target the 30-60 year old male demographic and pays on first page completion with no email confirmation required.

The pay out structure is on a per lead basis and commissions start in the range.

Online dating is also a hot niche because social networks have made it extremely easy for you to build campaigns based specifically on the audience you are looking for.

(gender, age, location, marital status and interests) In this post we are going to focus on the web site and what type of demographic audience is visiting their site.

You can see a preview of this concept below, select the banner you like along with the landing page (radio button).


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