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We were spending more time together, developing strong feelings and realised we could call it whatever we wanted – friendship, casual dating, friends with benefits etc – but the truth is, it was a romantic relationship unfolding. We have been romantically involved for eight years and married for five.When you date a friend instead of a stranger, they already know the real you.

But i would also agree that most of the sites are good for dating. For other services you can take a look at our free dating sites category.

From our complete list if you are looking for the most popular 2 free services I would recommend trying out either Ok Cupid or Plenty of fish.

Then, we became closer and started to hang out more.

Things evolved and we started dating, but neither one of us wanted a relationship.

Everyone has to start somewhere, and starting sucks, but you have to factor in the patient part.

There will be no spam or scam associated with us, we would appreciate anyone registering to help build the database. Such as contests, trips, etc..., but I need to get there first. just went to the date site and registered, easy enough and it requires a photo which is fine until you log in and see the pictures of other users...many cut and paiste photos can one site have???We were adamant that we didn’t want anything serious and wanted to remain friends.The problem with dating a friend though, is that it’s difficult to remain ‘just friends’ once you’ve crossed that line.Until there is enough traffic that large companies want to place ads within their site.My family has started a new online dating website, and yes, it is totally free to use.after seeing all the fake pictures, i left the site, will probably not go back We never say that the free sites are spam or scam.

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