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The Helbros Electric and Electronic watches below all employ the West German PUW movements.

The first set of picture show a rather sorry looking electric PUW 1000 that must have sat in water for some time; half of the copper coloured shunt bridge plate has completely rusted away and there are numerous large iron fragments stuck to the magnets. The second set of photographs show various electric Helbros watches with the PUW 1001 movement: the first one is a chromed case version while the last one is a rather rare Mickey Mouse gold plated Helbros.

Despite some revivals of the name, no one has made it flourish as it did during Helbein’s lifetime.

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The brothers’ nationality is usually given as Swiss-German.

This is contradicted by contemporaneous reports, William Helbein, who managed the company and is named on an early trademark registration, was born in Russia, now Ukraine in 1889, and later became an American citizen in 1916. William was educated in Russia, the Netherlands and Belgium and his father was a diamond dealer.

For more details of William Helbein, please see the ‘‘ section below for examples of advertising. A common feature of their approach was to make watches available as competition prizes..

For many years they also sold watches as ‘premiums’ for reward campaigns for sales.

William Helbein, one of the founders and later long-time company president, arrived in the US in 1911, coming through Ellis Island.

He became a naturalised US citizen in 1916, and embarked on a career as, at first, a diamond importer (his father was a diamond merchant) and later a watch assembler.

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Helbein was the first chair of the American Watch Assemblers Association, and was a Director of the American Watch Association.

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