Dating two girls at once

When you’re with a woman, remember that you are two human beings feeling out a connection.

Whether it’s the first time you’ve met her, your first date, or quality time you’re spending together on date #14, be present to the one person in front of you.

“But at the same time I feel like if I date more girls, I’ll be able to pick someone who I really want and not just the first person who wants to be with me.

This is the case whether you’re meeting different women through online dating or in-person.

From your first date onwards, and even before your first date in your text messages and your overall vibe, you can be up front with her about where you’re at.

Reason being, your honesty and genuineness are the raw materials to attract beautiful women who are honest and genuine themselves.

Since a lot of women are on the same page about dating multiple people, then doing the three steps outlined above will work well for you.

Being honest doesn’t merely mean being truthful with your words, though of course be that. So if you’re looking to date multiple women and/or have one-night stands where both of you feel refreshed the next day, then EMBODY that persona.

Be that guy, and let the chips fall where they may. A woman who’s not into that won’t be into you from the start, and that’s wonderful!There are a few other nuances to all of this, and all are good news if you’re a man of integrity who likes for everyone to enjoy themselves and feel good in your presence: If you’re resonating with this article, you’re likely not a big fan of pickup-flavored dating advice.It’s likely that genuineness and honesty are non-negotiables for you, and being false or fake is not an option. It may be counter-intuitive after all the pickup artist advice you’ve read, but the truth is that you have a head start that they don’t when it comes to enjoying dating multiple women.When you’re dating, you and she are BOTH seeking clarity on how well you jive together.If that’s the case, the power dynamic is equal, which gives you both the freedom and self-respect to enjoy yourselves and make great choices.Here are the three keys to dating multiple women with integrity: As you implement these steps in your own life, dating lots of women will go from feeling like a big deal to just being a normal part of real life for you.

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