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The Safety Hammerless models are reputed to have been developed after D. It is rapidly reacquiring the support and good wishes of the American citizen- shooter who has supported it for so long.Any information on decoding these numbers would be appreciated. The ebb and flow of different competing companies taking turns playing lead and catch- up is a characteristic of the firearms industry indeed all industries even today.Jinks gets the backlog down (now at about 20 weeks) and when applications for letters are again accepted the fee will increase to .

Weren't all S&W K frames, or at least Model 10s, number sequentially?

And were the -5 and -6 changes, both introduced in 1962, manufactured into the 1970s?

A G19 mark on the yoke or in the frame cutout is most likely a assembly number or inspectors/foreman's mark, a G19 stamped on the backstrap would be a rack number for a police dept, prison, etc. My Smith & Wesson Model 10-6 with a 4" heavy duty barrel, purchased new in 1973, has a serial number in the 758XXX range.

I'm having difficulty understanding how your Model 10-5 with an earlier serial number could have been manufactured up to two years after mine was.

I see NIB, or ANIB ones at local shows for $375 - $350 asking, and I believe they actually sell for $325.

Any wear and the price goes down dramatically - a serviceable but finish worn model 10 can still be had for 0 - 5 in my neck of the woods.

when the frame was made or the complete revolver was assembled.

I should note here also that S&W has currently suspended the factory letters until Mr.

Smith and Wesson revolvers were not necessarily assembled nor shipped in serial number sequence.

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