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This entry concludes with a review of a special case of bone mineral phased dating, radiocarbon measurement from cremated or “calcined” bone.

Most radiocarbon dates on bone, teeth, tusk, and antler are derived from the radiocarbon content of collagen in the organic phase.

Each protocol has its strengths and weaknesses and no single protocol is suitable for all sub-fossil skeletal remains.

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The major type, Type I collagen, is the primary structural protein in bone. The collagen content of tooth enamel is lower than bone, typically about 3 % by mass.

The collagen content of tooth dentin is similar to that of bone.

I.) and carbonate–phosphate index (C/P) as a means to distinguish between archeological and forensic anthropological skeletal findings.

According to the Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy analyses, the archeological bone samples are characterized by a range of C. between 2.84 and 3.78 and by low C/P values of 0.10–0.33, while the C. and C/P ranges of forensic skeletal remains are 2.55–3.18 and 0.38–0.88, respectively. B-10/1-2010-0029, TIOP 1.3.1-10/1-2010-0008, TIOP 1.3.1-07/1, GVOP 0179, and PTE AOK KA 34039-11/2009 and KA 2011.

The earliest dates were derived from total bone carbon.

The reliability of these early measurements was almost immediately questioned because bone dates frequently contradicted dates obtained from stratigraphically associated wood and charcoal.

Significant (The present work was supported by the Hungarian National Scientific Research Foundation (OTKA No. The authors thank the excellent technical support to Sajti Pinter Krisztina.

SKELETAL remains believed to date back to the Iron Age have been uncovered on the east coast of Ireland.

Post mortem processes that alter tissue structure and chemistry are termed diagenesis.


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