Dating secrets torrent

Pretty useful if you’re not sure what you want to watch.Pros: Another torrent site for movie buffs, YTS focuses entirely on movie torrent files.

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TPB is available in 35 different languages and makes it’s money through donations, advertisements, and cryptocurrency mining.

The Pirate Bay offers one of the simplest user interfaces in the torrenting world.

It has a stable community with regular uploaders whose content can be trusted.

1337x has many categories, and if you’re looking for inspiration, offers top 100 lists in each of these.

These are spam and malware free, and can be trusted by TPB community.

VIP torrents are similar, but just hold a higher level of status.

It’s interface actually hasn’t changed much (if at all) since it’s launch in 2003. Users can enjoy a range of files, including audiobooks, music, films, games, software, and more.

One of the features I find quite useful with The Pirate Bay is their Trusted and VIP statuses.

Before you dive into the torrenting world, it’s important to take note of what you can and can’t share. So, when you’re torrenting, just be aware of what you’re indulging in and how to stay safe when doing so.

Unfortunately, many torrent sites are created for the purpose of piracy; access to films, TV series, and games, without actually purchasing them. Founded in 2003, The Pirate Bay (TPB) has almost always been one of the most popular torrent sites.

When Kick Ass Torrents closed in 2016, 1337x’s popularity increased.


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