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GPR survey of AM140 has also revealed internal features in the former area of the mound, and further GPR surveys of other long barrows in the SWHS and environs might cast considerable light on the internal configuration of these other highly significant monuments without recourse to expensive and destructive excavation.

However, the limited excavation undertaken at WS71 and WS86 has demonstrated that considerable information can be drawn from a small-scale excavation of completely denuded long barrows, improving our understanding of the mortuary landscapes around Stonehenge and thus of the Outstanding Universal Value of the SWHS.

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The vogue of the Gothic in the latter decades of the 18th century, its treatment by important critics such as Coleridge, and its distinctiveness as a genre, makes its study central to an understanding of 18th-century culture, of literary genre and popular literature, and of the problems surrounding attempts to judge quality in a literary work.

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I just got my Surface Pro and when I try to sync my gmail account with the mail, calendar, and people apps, it says I have the wrong information.More securely, causewayed enclosures and long barrows can be considered to articulate different aspects of Early Neolithic activity in the landscape, but collectively may illuminate routes through the landscape, perhaps relating to livestock management.Rather than focusing on static studies of visual relations between monuments, future work should consider the interrelations between long barrows and other Early Neolithic monuments in terms of movement, as well as considering finer grained questions of seasonality and vegetation, and how views, activities and movement around these monuments may have changed through the yearly cycle.(2000) suggests that inter-monumental views were also important, and the cluster of long barrows around the head of the dry valley between Wilsford and Normanton Downs may suggest an early significance to this area.We have suggested that the Wilsford Shaft may have formed part of this early landscape focus, given various considerations of its dating and sequence, although in the light of the limitations of the evidence this must remain a very tenuous suggestion.This work also highlights that great potential exists for excavations to better characterise internal structures or preceding features at long barrows.

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