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Before we start with practicalities, let’s look at why your team would want to evaluate the way you work. All communication teams are striving for the attention of the fickle consumer.

Bad workflow cripples your team: it makes it less efficient and team members end up frustrated.

It means you deliver worse work slower, don’t keep clients or stakeholders as happy as they should be, and lose money.

At the foundation of TPS (The Toyota Production System) lies the Japanese concept of kaizen.

It translates as the little improvement that can be done right away.

Solving these issues won’t happen during billable hours.

You will need to allocate the budget and time towards continual improvement.

This guide will help you improve your PR workflow so that you stay current and create more value for clients in less time. Better work, happier clients, and more time left to sell to other clients.

This guide is intended as your roadmap for real change in your company.

It is full of practical advice to get your team on board during workshops, internal presentations, and pilot projects.

What’s ahead: Check the full infographic on Pinterest.

These skill gaps are roughly the same as they were the last time the survey was done.


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