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We continually develop new and innovative ways in which dealers can increase productivity and profitability while at the same time improving customer retention.

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This pop culture moment is a reminder that turning 50 brings more new beginnings than ever before.

It’s an opportunity to look at the ways boomers (born between 19) and Gen Xers (born between 19) think about relationships, which can lead to intriguing and valuable marketing insights.1) Consumers want more than a superficial relationship with your brand.

For boomers, the best way to get to know someone new is the traditional dinner, lunch or coffee.

Gen-Xers are likely to opt for a unique shared experience. Boomers and Gen-Xers are interested in longer-term relationships. More than one-third of boomers (36%) are looking for companionship, while Gen-Xers have marriage (34%) on their minds.

The Atlanta nightlife offers plenty of access to young singles who are interested in meeting people, but the bar scene does little to help facilitate a good conversation.

We offer fully integrated web based applications designed to provide a simple, yet effective platform in which dealers can manage a customer throughout the service lifecycle.Jennifer Lopez is about to join the growing list of celebrities who are boldly redefining what 50 -- and relationships after 50 -- look like.Case in point: her engagement to former baseball star Alex Rodriguez. Someone who is 33 is likely to have more money, status, et cetera, and even if not, there is likely to be a power imbalance, especially if the older person is a man. I would also consider why a 33 yr old would want to date someone so much younger. But if I had a friend who was in this situation (either side), I'd feel unsettled at best. Your brain isn't even fully developed for a few more years.From point of booking to collecting their keys, customers have complete control of their own journey with our full self-service solution, helping to improve the customer experience and increase dealer efficiencies.

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