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possible STDs, possible unwanted children and the ruin of future goals of one or both members of the couple should sex produce one of the cited consequences.It also produces less communication if one dwells on premarital sex, cheapens the practice traditionally reserved for marriage and, with multiple sexual partners over a number of years, decreases the likelihood of a long term commitment to marriage.

Are you willing to resist the trends of society, the inevitable temptations to cheat or turn to someone else for sexual gratification, and to resist fantasizing about the images on billboards you see everyday around you?

As a Christian, I believe that marriage between one man and one woman in an exclusive arrangement that allows no-one else to share the same sexual privileges is the best arrangement for children, provides the greatest stability to society, and gives the most fulfilment to couples who want happiness and lifelong satisfaction.

If you are ashamed of what your friends would say, that somehow you are less of a man or a woman, or that you may be mocked for not ‘losing your virginity’ or being ‘frigid’, then you are looking at your partner as someone who is there to be used - someone who can enhance your status, your image, your emotions, etc.

In other words, you are a selfish taker who doesn’t care about your partner other than what’s in it for yourself.

The same Newsweek Poll finds that married couples have 6.9 times the amount of sex in a year than unmarried couples.

Let’s have a look at reality, and I will give you my experience as a married man of just over eighteen years.

From one couple having fifteen or twenty times a week to a couple having once a month, each number is added to the average. If both couples mutually agree that sex is not as important as developing intimacy and warmth and memorable events, and there is a commitment, yes.

One partner may need to evaluate why they need sex more often? Has pornography corrupted sex and diminished its importance into a mere feeling or emotion?

If you are engaged, but wish to keep your sexual purity until the marriage day, then be strong enough to retain your convictions and don’t fear that your relationship won’t last.

There are many reasons why sex can’t be maintained at higher levels or at a high rate of frequency forever.

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