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The explanation for this is quite simply that the virtual place they meet and interact on the Internet, is quite likely indicative of their common interests.

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Apparently at least one in five romantic relationships now start online, and over half of people in the UK have searched for love online at some point.

However, what is not so certain is whether online dating really can lead to true and everlasting love.

Some think that to truly get to know someone, you have to meet them in person and get to know the raw version of them.

Online, it's much easier to act like someone you aren't, and simply delete the things you write in a text message that you don't think are witty or clever before sending it.

This suggests that sustainable face-to-face relationships are contingent upon people firstly getting to know each other properly online.

This is explained by the fact that a strong permanent relationship depends upon knowing about someone well, and this can really only happen over time.

Can you possibly be in love with someone who you've never met?

Show less A question that I've honestly always been unsure on: Are online relationships true love?

A boy who has chosen to remain anonymous said, "Yes I think it can be considered true love, although it may be more difficult to figure out if it is true love considering the person isn’t there and you aren’t able to see how you click in person. I highly doubt your true love happens to be a block away, unless you believe in fate, but that’s an entirely different thing.


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