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In the grand tradition of Nicole Kidman’s prosthetic nose in Simpson will sport gigantic rubber Dumbo ears.Today, dwarfed by a masculine leather couch in her new living room and dressed in faded jeans with holes and a red turtleneck sweater with deer embroidered across her chest, Simpson looks less like a Barbie pinup than a sugary down-home girl, all smiles, “you knows” and hugs.

“I can’t save anything from being talked about,” she says, when asked if there’s any truth to that rumor, “because then it becomes this game, and it’s not a fun game.

It’s so cruel and I just try not to let it affect me, whatever everybody was thinking about me.

(Despite stories of the two being childhood friends, Cobb only got to know Simpson two years ago when she was working at Sony.) “But she’s growing up.

Now she’s a woman.”And a one-woman empire, at that. This spring she will continue to expand her Jessica Simpson Collection clothing and accessories line as well as her beauty brand, Dessert.

She claims she talks to him every few days and that he’s “absolutely” one of her best friends.

One week later, however, when asked about news reports that Lachey plans to seek spousal support from Simpson, who far outearns him, she decides she doesn’t want to talk about the divorce anymore.

She’s made even more headlines by hanging out at the notoriously rowdy Chateau Marmont with the likes of Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine and serial cad Jude Law.

“I feel like everybody’s always out to get me, and that’s a weird feeling,” she says of the press, which seems to link her to a new man every week.

“But you can let the chaos consume you or you can stand next to the chaos and just walk along with it.” And so today, hoping to avoid what she refers to as “that spiral thing” that happens when a celebrity can no longer handle the spotlight, Simpson has temporarily relocated to Santa Fe, New Mexico, where she has rented a gated house high up in the hills.

While she is technically here to shoot fame, the change of venue will also serve as a six-week hiatus from her life.

“She bounced all the checks, so we thought it best to wait a while,” says her mother, Tina Simpson, who swiftly confiscated it. “When I met Jess she didn’t know how to do anything for herself, because her parents and then Nick always did everything for her.” The two proceeded to spend an afternoon debating color schemes and background patterns, and soon Simpson, like most 25-year-old women, will be able to sign checks for herself.

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